Welcome to R.J. Baskett Middle School

Dear RJ Baskett Parents and Students,

I hope everyone had a relaxing and refreshing winter break. We are rejuvenated and ready to continue on our path towards academic excellence at RJ Baskett Middle School. We need to first get used to saying that it is 2016.

Time flies! As busy as we may be, many great things continue to happen at RJ Baskett Middle School. We have completed the first round of NWEA testing. NWEA tests are designed to identify areas of strength and concern so that we can help build and enrich skills based on Indiana Academic Standards in those subject areas. ISTEP+ 2015 scores along with school grades were recently released to the public. The percentage of students at the proficient level along with school letter grades is lower than in years past. These scores are not true indicators of our student abilities or teacher effectiveness. The staff at RJ Baskett will continue to encourage all students to grow individually and will continue to guide students toward their passion for learning. At the same time, we will analyze the results of the 2015 ISTEP+ test and develop an action plan to address areas of concern. We are confident that with the support of everyone in the Mississinewa community we will show improvement when students take the 2016 ISTEP+ test.

January marks a very important stretch in schools. Spring ISTEP+ testing is less than two months away. ISTEP+ Part 1 will take place during the week of February 29, 2016, and ISTEP+ Part 2 will take place during the week of April 18, 2016. In preparation for the Spring ISTEP+ testing, student will be completing additional NWEA Testing and various activities within the classroom to prepare. Again, please understand that the rigor demanded of students on ISTEP+ has changed to reflect the new Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards in math and English. These standards are very challenging, requiring a much deeper level of understanding as well as requiring a higher level of performance. The RJ Baskett Middle School Staff is rising to this challenge as we increase what is expected out of student on assignments, projects, classroom discussion, and assessments. Together, we are confident that our students will rise to the challenge and excel on ISTEP+ 2016. I challenge our community, teachers, students, and parents to stay confident in the education your child is receiving at RJ Baskett Middle School and other schools in our district. Mississinewa Community Schools continues to graduate a very high percentage of students who mature into adults that are successful in post high school experiences.

If you would like additional information on ISTEP+ testing, please look at the Indiana Department of Education website.


Jamie Eckstein

Jamie Eckstein, Principal