RJ Baskett Middle School


Middle school is the perfect time to start thinking about the future. We have provided some tools to help you begin making important decisions that will help you succeed in school, complete college, and connect to a career. We encourage students and parents to meet with our Student Services Coordinators for guidance specific to your child’s needs.

Student Services Coordinators

Carol Mannix
Phone: (765) 674.8536

Joanna Schnepp
Phone: (765) 674.8536

Mike Scott
Phone: (765) 674.8536

Don’t wait until high school to begin applying for scholarships; start now and get a head start!

Twenty-First Century Scholars

The Twenty-first Century Scholars program began in 1990 as Indiana’s way of raising the educational aspirations of low- and moderate-income families. The program aims to ensure that all Indiana families can afford a college education for their children.

Your son/daughter may be eligible to receive a free college education! Students can only qualify for this scholarship as 7th or 8th graders. Don’t miss out on this opportunity worth thousands of scholarship dollars. Families may complete the application online.

It's Never Too Soon to Find Scholarships

There are numerous opportunities for young students to earn scholarships, beginning as early as kindergarten. We have provided a few links to information on this page. But be sure to search the web, and find the perfect connection to your child’s strengths. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of less competition at this younger age. Who knows? Just a few minutes on the Internet may lead to thousands of dollars for your child's education!

Guidance Library Lessons

September Library Lesson: This month's lesson focused on introducing myself to the students and letting them know all of the things that a school counselor can help with. I also shared with the students how they, teachers, and parents can contact me. 

October Library lesson: October’s Library Lesson theme was kindness. During this lesson, students watched a video sponsored by Secret entitled Mean Stinks. We then discussed that even though our outsides don’t physically stink when we are mean, our insides do. We need to choose our words and actions so that we don't live in fear of being a "stinky" person.

November/December Library Lesson: This month our lesson was about how the decisions that we make today impact our futures. During this lesson, I emphasized how the people that you surround yourself with very much influence the decisions you make. We also discussed questions to ask yourself before making a decision and to stop, consider all of your options, then make the decision that is right for you and others. At the end of the lesson we watched a short video where a man discusses how he had to live with the choices that he made at a young age. The video was very powerful and well received by all of the students.

January Library Lesson: Mississinewa Natural Helpers, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, would like to share this video as part of a special session of the January RJB library lesson series.